Thursday, March 04, 2010

Just in case you really needed to know !!

Tuesday's 'Morning Advertiser' answers the question that has been on many beer drinkers lips.

Where is Tetleys going to be brewed when their Leeds brewery closes in 2011?

The answer; at Marstons, in the well known Yorkshire Town of Wolverhampton.
Just in case someone is sad enough to be interested in the smoothflow version, that is moving to Coors at Tadcaster, (which I suppose does keep some of Tetleys in Yorkshire).

I will make no further comment. Enough to say that Camra are none too pleased either.


WestYorkshireman said...

It's absolutely disgusting the contempt that Carlsberg have shown to Tetley's Brewery, the City of Leeds and the loyal employees of the brewery who must be worrying about their future, but what do they care they'll just sell the prime site to the highest bidder, I'm amazed they didn't do it sooner to be honest.
Tetley's bitter was never a big favourite of mine, I always liked the dark mild and in recent years it just hasn't been the beer that it used to be, I do however remember supping it in The Market House in Dewsbury (R.I.P) in the late 80's in my early real ale drinking days where the quality was excellent and the beer was still something like it would have been in the 60's and 70's when my Dad used to swear by it.

TIW said...

Very sad. At least Marston's are a 'proper' brewery rather than a factory.