Friday, March 26, 2010

Hopping in Leeds

As (un)official photographer to Ossett Brewery I managed to get on the VIP guest list for the opening night of The Hop in Leeds yesterday. Although out of the normal jurisdiction of this blog I just had to give this exceptional new venue a little plug.

Situated under the railway station arches on Dark Neville Street, this remarkable venture combines live music & real ale in a quite outstanding setting that really has to be seen to be believed. The proper shots are now the property of Ossett, but I can bring you these as a taster.

Complete with mezzanine stage and a host of stunning features, The Hop really does up the ante in the real ale revolution stakes - in fact I can't help thinking that the Leeds Brewery boys must be feeling somewhat humbled this morning! (map)


Mark, said...

I can see Tom from reetgoodleeds blog in the background. Nice shot. I forgot my camera and was gutted when I saw the view from upstairs towards Bridgewater Place

Leigh said...

Ah, your pictures are waaay nicer than mine!!