Monday, February 15, 2010

Mallinsons Take On A Local Theme

This week, if you are out and about in the pubs of Huddersfield, chances are you may stumble over one of the three new Mallinsons beers that have been named after local celebreties.

I know that they have previously brewed 'Harold', after the prime minister who was born here, 'Dennis',after the menace,and several named after local landmarks but all of a sudden we have a collection of beers that all have a Huddersfield connection.

'Charlie's Half' has been brewed to celebrate the life of Dave Charlesworth, local Camra member and well known member of the Huddersfield drinking fraternity who passed away recently. A good light hoppy beer, which must, as was Charlie's wont, be drunk in halves.

'Shiver Me Terrier' has a picture of Mitch, (Keith and Tricia's Yorkie, that reached its 13th birthday on Saturday) on the pump clip. Mitch is tastefully adorned in a variation of Towns home shirt out in the freezing cold near his home. His little legs must be frozen!!!

Finally, 'Jane Won't Like It' is a reference to Jane, well known behind the bar at the Star,and the look on her face when she comes across a well hopped beer. So we know what to expect from this one judging by her look on the pump clip.

Along with these, we have a couple more of the river series, 'Onyx' and 'Volga' so the local lovers of Mallinsons beers should be well suited for the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes 'Jane won't like it' is certainly well named and will be on the bar on Tuesday so get it while you can! Also Onyx will be on sometime this week too! See you soon. Sam