Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tread Gingerly

Nothing to do with the treacherous underfoot conditions but a celebration of the use of ginger in beer.

Many of us drink beers with different flavours added, some successful, some less so. However, one of the flavours drinkers tend to agree does work in beer, is the humble ginger root .

Several breweries produce ginger beers. Halifax Steam has its 'Gingivitis' and 'Jamaica Ginger', both good examples, the former weaker than the latter but both full of flavour. Boggart does the same, with 'Little Ginger' and 'Big Ginger', 'Big Ginger' being fuller at 6%, with plenty of ginger in it, 'Little Ginger' seems a bit thin in comparison. Roosters produce one, as does Pictish, both of which showcase what ginger can do in a weaker strength beer. The Sportsman has Outstanding 'Ginger' on the bar at present and is an excellent beer, from an interesting brewery . The Grove often has Marble 'Ginger' available and is usually recognised as the pinnacle of ginger beers, or at least it was.....

Last night, when I could drag myself away from the 'Worcestershire Sourced' in the Star, Sam suggested I should try the Williams 'Ginger'. What a revelation. At 3.8% it was a beer apparently brewed with real root ginger. It did not compromise on flavour, so much so that after drinking it, I could taste nothing else. It was none the worse for that though. My only criticism would be the lack of head retention in the beer but those in the know, suggested this could be due to the use of ginger oil in the brew to give even more flavour.

Just shows again what can be produced by a brewery unafraid to experiment. Unfortunately, Williams are a Scottish brewery so trying to find the beer could be a little difficult, unless you can make it to the Star soon, before I get chance to empty the barrel !!


Leigh said...

ginger's a great flavour, but i've yet to try a ginger-flavoured ale that I've liked. The balance always weems waaay out, and it can be so astringent when over-used.

dewsrail said...

I tried the Williams Ginger at the Star too - an excellent proper ginger beer and just right for the time of year.