Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shepherds Boy Festival

The Shepherd's Boy, Dewsbury will hold a beer festival from 10th - 14th Feb.

Note that the 202 and 203 buses stop near the pub and also serve
The White Cross at Bradley which has its festival from the 11th - 13th Feb.
The bus journey between the two pubs takes 20 minutes and the 202
also passes the Old Colonial Club which is in the GBG.

Provisional beer list for the Shepherd's Boy:-

Harvestoun:- Bitter and Twisted, Old Engine Oil
Cairngorm:- Bards Ale
Williams Bros:- Ceildh Lager
Fraoch – Heather Ale
Atlas :- Latitude
Elland:- 1872 Porter
Boggart:- Waterloo Sunset Porter
Acorn:- Gorlovka Stout
Marble:- Pint
Rudgate:- Ruby Mild
Golcar:- Guthlacs Porter
Ossett:- Treacle Stout
York:- Centurians Ghost
Fullers:- London Porter
Riverhead:- Squaddies Gold
Ilkley:- Black
Meantime:- L.P.A

Plus beers from Mallinsons, Caledonian, Pictish, Abbeydale and Anglo Dutch.


Anonymous said...

this might sound like a daft question, but how come the "beer festival" calender on the right hand side is showing as empty?? Have you stopped using this? I always found it a useful utility in planning future forays into the beery distance.

DutchDave said...

Does anyone know the Saturday lunch opening time for this festival? I have yet to visit this establishment.

Leigh said...

Interesting list, some good beers there. York's ghost is a fave, plus Marble's wonderful Pint. Havent had an Anglo-Dutch beer in Ages, though!!

DAVID said...

Does anyone have the Shepherds Boy opening times for Saturday lunchtime?

Will said...

Noon on Saturday/Sunday David.

DutchDave said...

Thanks Will,

Looks like the Shepherds Boy, White Cross & Huddersfield should make a very good day out on the Saturday.

Not a great deal of winners on the list though but enough to satisfy my curiosity.

DutchDave from Leeds (Usually wears Orange jacket so easy to spot!)