Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ticking Reaches the Masses - sort of

Last Tuesday saw the premiere of a film called 'Beertickers - beyond the ale'. Written and directed by Phil Parkin it features several 'beer tickers' as they explain and enjoy their hobby, visiting pubs and festivals up and down the country.

Phil's objective was to tick 500 beers through the making of the film and we see him going through his apprenticeship under the watchful eye of Sheffield's Brian Moore, the nations number one ticker.

For those who know Sheffield, there are plenty of recognisable pubs in the film plus interviews with many of their famous faces. Also featured in the film are local scoopers Dave Unpronouceable and Gazza, with Mick The Tick from Birmingham making up a fearsome foursome of beer enthusiasts.

The film attempts and succeeds, in trying to show what motivates tickers to do what they do, and why they travel several hundred miles to do it. There is a section on Phil actually brewing a beer under the watchful eye of Kelly Ryan at Thornbridge, and for the more musically minded, a piece on Mick playing in his skiffle band at his local pub in Halesowen.

The film has been rushed out on dvd, and I was lucky to secure a copy (actually I paid 10 quid for it at the Star, where incidentally Brian Moore was drinking at the time). In my opinion, it is well worth £10 of any tickers money to watch all the famous faces at work and play, and see if you can spot the fringe players and the pubs featured. Sort of ticking tickers I suppose. You even get chance to see one of Dave's minor rants about his and Gazza's boycotting of the 'Fat Cat'.

There you have it, a perfect Xmas present for the ticker that will keep him (or her)happy for just over an hour after the turkey. know there are a few for sale at the Star and around the local Sheffield pubs should you fancy a copy.

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