Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reopening Time?

Information has arrived from our Hull correspondent (not sure how he gets to know before the locals!) that The Sair, has started brewing again. It is unconfirmed but it is believed that there were four of their own beers on the bar at the weekend, including Old Eli, and Gold Medal. Will have to wait till the snow thaws before trekking out to confirm the truth of this, but sounds promising news.

Rumour has also reached us of the reopening of the Shoulder of Mutton at Lockwood. Again with real ale, but if my information is right these are beers from the larger breweries and I have no idea of its opening hours.

A bit more positive is news of the Marsh House on Westbourne Rd at Marsh in Huddersfield which has been closed for some time, but according to the advert in 'Inn Speak' has reopened. It serves five hand-pulled real ales and a real cider, opening at 4pm daily and all day at weekends.

Rumour again says that the old West Riding pub in the town, on the corner of Buxton Way and Albion St, is being refurbished, (judging by the work going on that is certainly the case) but the good news is that when it reopens in the New Year it will also provide several real ales on the bar. Another one to watch out for.

As I said, none of this has been definitely confirmed, but should it be true then there are even more reasons for a trip to Huddersfield.

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Festa said...

Shoulder of Mutton is Serving Taylor's Best and Landlord according to Colin a regular in the Monkey. He also says they have done a good good with the renovations. A particularly nice new carpet.