Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Choice in Sheffield

When beer enthusiasts are asked which is their favourite drinking town, Sheffield is invariably and deservedly high on the list. It boasts many good pubs in a small area which all provide several and varied cask ales. Ranging from the 'Wellington' by the Shalesmoor tram stop, to the 'Harlequin' down off The Wicker; from 'The Hillsborough Hotel' to the 'Fat Cat' and not forgetting CAMRA's pub of the year 'The Kelham Island Tavern'. All are different and all worth a visit, making it a mecca for beer tickers. However, in the last couple of weeks two more pubs have been added to the list to make a visit there even better.

The Gardeners, situated out on Neepsend Lane, has reopened after refurbishment. It closed almost 2 1/2 years ago after being under water in the floods that devastated Sheffield, but has been well worth the wait. The pub has retained its original shape with the central bar serving two rooms but has been redecorated to give it a light and airy feel with its rear conservatory adding even more light. It was serving four beers from the Sheffield Brewery on my visit, with 6 guests, so there is plenty of beer to go at. The bar billiard table has been retained, which is apparently unique in the City. It does not serve food and it only opens at 3pm Monday to Thursday but is open all day Friday and at the weekend. It is well worth a call.

The other pub, is a revelation, and superbly sited for the train traveller from Huddersfield. 'The Sheffield Tap' is situated on Sheffield Midland station with access either from the road outside or from Platform 1, which coincidentally is where most Huddersfield bound trains arrive. It is a large pub that used to be a refreshment room I believe and has been redone with a dark wood bar and plenty of glass. With this, the high ceiling and good choice of seating it can hold plenty of people but still seem comfortable. Its beer range at present is eight from the Thornbridge stable, but rumour has it, they will be introducing guest beers in the near future. There is a massive range of interesting bottled beer as well so it is an ideal place to idle away a few minutes waiting for your train.

Sheffield has always been a good place to visit, and has just got even better, so when you have a bit of free time, take a trip down the Penistone line and seen what it has to offer - I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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dewsrail said...

The Sheffield Tap is what used to be the original Midland Railway refreshment rooms, which closed 35+years ago. It's grade 2 listed, and therefore the bar etc are the originals, which have to some extent been refurbished. In the run-up to Christmas, the platform entrance was blocked and access was from the outside of the station only, and past the bouncers. Besides the real ales, the pub has a fine selection of keg beers (all imports, bar the one from Meantime Brewery of Greenwich), including 3 from the Czech Bernard Brewery, in which the management have a shareholding, or so I'm led to believe. The excellent bottled beer range includes at least two I've never seen in an English pub before (Rothaus Weizen from Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany) and Lundgrens Lager from Stockholm, Sweden. The pub isn't cheap, though, so take plenty of money with you when you visit.