Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Chocolate Time

Readers know how much I rate light, hoppy beers, but I am also a great lover of the dark, proper stouts, and last night I found one of the best on the bar at the Star. You will not be surprised to hear that it was brewed by Mallinsons.

This time Tara has turned her hand to making a chocolate stout, and has done an excellent job of it as well. It is 4.2%, a sensible drinking strength, and black as a stout should be. It is smooth but has an underlying bitterness that shines through each mouthful. It is hard to say whether this comes from the hops or the bitter dark chocolate in the beer but the combination works to perfection, giving a tasty stout which is very moreish and stands comparison with any other chocolate stout on the market. It may not have the smoothness that her 'Oatmeal Stout' did but that does not detract from it in any way. It is easy to recogonise with the normal Mallinsons clip depicting a bar of chocolate, so there is little chance of confusion.

I also hear that there is a chocolate orange version made in small quanties to sample but that is not available around these parts yet. It is supposedly on the list for the Harlequin's mini festival this weekend, along with another one off, 'Humbug'. I have also noticed some additions to the Mallinsons bottled beer range with 'Nile' and 'Xavier' appearing.

If you want something different, hunt out the 'Chocolate Stout'. It is a great beer from Huddersfield's excellent brewster.

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