Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hoppy Christmas

Those lucky enough to be present in the Star in Lockwood on Saturday were treated to a veritable feast of hoppy beers, with several of the hoppiest around from some of the best breweries.

Pictish 'Sterling', a single hopped beer was there, rubbing shoulders with a couple of offerings from Salopian; the massively hoppy 'Santa's Big Sack' and the less aggressive, although no less flavoursome 'Firkin Freezing' (just suited the weather). These were later followed by Marble 'Brew 14'.

In addition to the beers we were visited by Kev Yelland from the Alehouse brewery, all clean shaven after his charity hair cut and singing the praises of the beers on the bar - deciding that the Marble was the best beer of the year! Praise indeed from a man who makes some of the hoppiest beers around. Even the news of Town's demise at Norwich did not dampen the spirits of the assembled hop monsters who continued to sample and resample the offerings.

Having checked the weather for today and seen snow forecast, I suppose I will just have to return and do it all again. Hard work I know, but someone has to do it!!!

(Note to fellow editors - think you picked the wrong day to go to East Anglia, a 3-0 defeat and missing some of the best beer of the year - glad I stayed at home )


Anonymous said...

The Fat Cat in Norwich had 28 beers on so we could drown our sorrows with Jaipur, Inferno, Bitter & Twisted, 5 fat cat beers(inc. marmalade, ginger, stout)Also various ciders, perries, Belgian beers (all on draught) so not that bad a weekend really!!!

Timbo said...

Ok, so I am a bit jealous, cannot be everywhere at once !!!