Thursday, November 19, 2009

Star Does It Again

Last night the doors opened at the Star Inn's 8th Winter beer festival, and again it has gone from strength to strength. Sam and her team have provided another wonderful selection of beers for us to try, both in the marquee and on the bar, from breweries near and far (I didn't mean that to rhyme but never mind; I could write the rest of this in limerick form, or as a sonnet but I don't think my brain could cope with it at this time in the morning !! - anyway, back to the beer).

On the outside bar came the usual suspects. A couple of dry hopped Mallinsons, two Goose Eyes, three from Yorkshire Dales plus beers sourced from further afield. From Williams, Atlas and Devon ales in Scotland, from Box Steam, Hidden and Two Bridges in the South West, and Montys in Wales. It is easy to see why this is such an interesting festival for the 'ticker'.

The range covered all sorts of beers from the light and hoppy, to the dark and chocolatey via ginger beers, ruby beers and winter warmers, in fact beers to suit every taste. Of the one's I tried, the Mallinson's stood out, (no surprise there I hear you say) but the real star of the show, no pun intended, was Yorkshire Dales 'Hit For 6'. Not an indictment of the English cricket team but a light beer crammed with New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops. The dark beer lovers seemed to be well impressed with Great Heck's ' Dark Star' weighing in at 5.5%.

If you want something a little different for a Christmas present, there are Mallinsons gift packs with 3 bottled beers, and all varieties of cheese, along with some Christmas cakes with beery themes. Why not make time to call in, the festival runs all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and see what a good, well run pub festival should be. Congratulations Sam, you have done us proud again. (map)

Star pooch Folly prepares to declare the 8th Winter Beer Festival officially open!

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Timbo said...

By a coincidence, one of the beers by Mallinsons is 'Folly's Dog Collar Blues' featuring a very similar picture....she did look happier last night though !!