Monday, November 09, 2009

New Charnwood Beer Festival

The New Charnwood is Heckmondwike's saviour these days and with so many once popular ale houses in the town going the way of iced-cider (is any one still drinking that?!), I'm absolutely delighted, as an ex-Hecky resident, that the pub is getting good support from Heavy Woollen CAMRA along with local ale fans.

And this is just what we've been lacking recently, a local pub festival with an attitude problem! Well I'm game - and whilst it seems deliberately timed to begin on that most-feared day in the (superstitious) calendar, we can only hope that any 'disaster' that befalls the Charnwood this weekend is confined to running out of beer a little early!



Anonymous said...

There is another festival at the Harlequin in Sheffield as well this weekend, should you fancy a trip out..usually packed but worth the trip for interesting beers. Timbo

Mark said...

Not to mention the Slaithwaite Moonraker Beer Festival:-