Sunday, November 29, 2009

I will never complain about price again !!

I have just been reading Scoopgen (a website for beer enthusiasts) and have come across a couple of entries from some displeased people from London. Apparently they visited an Old Ale festival in a pub near to Fuller's brewery and were asked to pay £7.00 for a pint of Fullers 'Old Ale'. I know its a strong beer but surely someone is taking the punters for a ride here. Long live Northern pricing policies.

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TIW said...

Seven quid? Jesus wept. You don't have to be a Yorkshire expat to think that's a bit steep.

Mind you, I was at our local fest (Piglet at Leyton Orient) last week - £2.50 a pint no matter what the ABV, which is about the same prices as the ones I've been to up "home".