Sunday, November 29, 2009

Get it while you can

This weekend Huddersfield is a mecca for lovers of the Rochdale brewery Pictish. The Star, in addition to the regular 'Brewers Gold', still a bargain at £2.00 a pint incidentally and in superb nick, has their 'Saaz' on the bar. A 4.1% single hop variety beer made with Eastern European hops, it is crisp, clean and full of flavour - a classic.

If you can drag yourself away, then a short walk to the Rat provides their 'Z Rod'. This is a stronger beer which I have not seen about for ages but, if my memory serves me well, is another brilliant Pictish recipe. Hopefully it will still be on the bar for me to try, unless my fellow editors get there first and drink it all, in which case they can do the tasting notes!!

Just for good measure, the taunting pole at the Star shows two new up and coming Mallinsons, 'Trabant' and 'Gator', offering an ideal way to spend a wet Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Z-Rod wasn't as impressive as the Saaz with rather less hop but still a decent beer. Plenty left on Sunday afternoon too.