Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Fistful of Hops

Last night the drinkers at the Star in Huddersfield were treated to a hop extravaganza.

On the bar were Mallinsons Motueka at 3.8%, a single hopped beer with the aromatic New Zealand hop showcased to perfection; Pictish Pioneer (4.8%), another single hopper but this time with far more body and bitterness and finally Steel City's Hop Manifesto again at 4.8% and massively hoppy with American hops this time.

In addition, Goose Eye provided Gooseville at 4.6% but after the other three this tasted more of caramel. It was just hard work to drag myself away from the bar!!


Anonymous said...

Guess those have all gone the way of the Dodo then!

Will said...

You beat me to it Anon! Bet you needed to fetch for the Mrs after guzzling down that little lot!

Timbo said...

Ah ! When I left last night all were still on the can but hope !!

Tandleman said...

What a bloody line up. I am jealous.