Monday, October 12, 2009

Star Reaches 5000

On Saturday evening at 6.50 pm the Star Inn at Folly Hall put its 5,000th guest beer through the pumps, and that excludes the hundreds that have appeared at festivals. It was a Mallinsons special brew, Star 5k, and the thirsty regulars managed to shift the barrel in 100 minutes - that's going some - but according to Sam not the quickest, which was polished off in just 70 minutes, glad I wasn't serving that day!!

Tara Mallinson and Star Inn regulars toast the pub on reaching 5000 guest beers

Joking aside, it is a great achievement for Sam and the team and shows how a back street local can be transformed into a beer drinking mecca attracting discerning drinkers from far and wide. Long may it continue !


Anonymous said...

Cameras with flash not reached Uddersfeldt yet then?!

Will said...

I've got one plus I'm in the shot so am taking no blame here!

Anonymous said...

I think that possibly the quantity and speed in which the beer was consumed had a little to do with the quality of photo! Cheers everyone x Sam x