Monday, October 19, 2009

The Red Rooster, Brighouse

It's a crying shame that these days I only get to sample this dream of a pub during it's festival. There was a time when I'd make regular mid-week sorties to enjoy the well-kept beer, exceptional service and relaxed atmosphere but now I'm based just a little too far away.

Two visits to last weekend's No Nonsense fest (formerly Septober) were very enjoyable though and whilst my esteemed colleagues may have turned their noses up at the beer list, I was delighted with the selection.

For the record my personal favourites included Pictish Pioneer, Enville Ginger Beer and Mallinsons Riva (possibly their best to date) but the excellent pie and peas at £2 a shot were also worthy of a mention, especially since we're featuring food a little more this week.

The word gem gets used a lot to describe quality no nonsense boozers (probably the Good Beer Guides fault) especially since we each have our own ideal when it comes to pub interiors and the sort of places we feel comfortable in, but I hope a glance at these pictures will give you a feel for the Rooster - as this is most definitely my kind of gem!

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