Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Festivals to Enjoy

I know there is a list of beer festivals on the blog but they have disappeared down the page because of the tweets, and there are some that are on the fringes of the area that may be overlooked.

This weekend the Red Rooster at Brighouse has its Octoberfest, starting Thursday evening through till Sunday and offers 30 or so beers. I have been previously and I can recommend it, even though I have yet to see a beer list. This will be followed by the Barge & Barrel (right) at Elland, easily accessible from Huddersfield and again offering 30 beers, unfortunately not all available at once if past festivals are anything to go by. I cannot supply the exact times at the moment (managed to lose my notes!!) but will update later.

For those intrepid people who fancy a bit of travelling, this Wednesday at the Harlequin in Sheffield provides a mini fest for their chief ticker Brian Moore's 70th birthday and the launching of Dave 'Unpronounceable's' Steel City Brewery. Expect some interesting beers for Brian and some mega hopped offerings from Dave. Have just checked another website and discovered three beers for Brian, two from Tara and one from Dave.

The Wakefield CAMRA fest is on over the weekend of bonfire night in the Light Waves, near the bus station and this year I have read they are showcasing Norfolk beers, which if last year's South Western festival is anything to go by should be a winner. And not forgetting The Star, starting on the 18th November where Sam will hopefully do us proud with beers from near and far. I, for one, can hardly wait.

Have managed to overlook the super fest at the Swan at Crimble next weekend, another worth a trip out, especially since the Commercial down the road is going from strength to strength, a very good reason to visit Slaithwaite, if you haveen't been yet.

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