Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's 'Spoons Fest Again

Today heralds the start of the Wetherspoons beer festival which will showcase 50 beers from near and far. It is a bit different to other festivals we have featured in that not all the beers are on the bar at any one time (in some cases they are not even in the cellar!!), but the intention is that over the three weeks of the festival all those in the programme should appear on bars at Wetherspoons' pubs. The fun is that no one knows which pubs have which beers, or when. This means that the enthusiast has to visit the same pub many times to sample everything or visit several 'Spoons in the hope of finding different beers - its a good game if a bit frustrating but at least it keeps us tickers on our toes!

In Huddersfield we are lucky (naturally!), with the Cherry Tree having the ability to get around eight on the bar at any one time, and often the pub gets second barrels if the first go quickly.

Last year I decided to get out and about and on one day visited branches in Brighouse, Halifax and Bradford in search of beers, (it can be done for a £4 First Bus ticket quite easily) and with opening at 9am, one can collect quite a few beers in a day.

The theme is Wetherspoons 30th Anniversary and the beers tenuously fit this theme. The range this year is as wide as ever with beers from all over the world. Some have even been created by foreign brewers using English brewery plant to provide even more interest. Where else can you drink real ale brewed by New Zealand, Japanese, American, and Czech brewers on handpumps?

So why not give it a go. Pick up the programme or download it here and set to work. They even allow the possibility of drinking the beer in third of a pint measures, plus the food is decent and at the price they charge it's not expensive either. Happy ticking.


Timbo said...

Festival runs from 28th Oct till 15th Nov, so plenty of chance to try it.

Will said...

We will be needing regular tweets to keep up with this I feel!

Andy1 said...

Had a couple in Cleckheaton Wetherspoons last night - beers in superb nick! Also got a pint of Elland's Lucifer at 99p! Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Good selection in Brighouse but the Cains Raisin didn't last two minutes!

ArcticFox said...

I think the Barge and Barrel in Elland is running its halloween themed beer festeival this weekend from Thu to Sun - I stand to be corrected, but also am trying desperately to get there to find out.