Friday, October 16, 2009

Blowing Our Own Trumpet

Earlier in the year we wrote of three pubs (under the byline of "not in the beer guide.."), which we thought so good that they should be. Perusing the 2010 Beer Guide (purchased from the Star, Huddersfield for a bargain £9), we were really pleased that all three now have an entry!

For the record, the three pubs were The Swan, York, Mytton Arms, Habberley (Shropshire) and the White Lion, Bridgnorth (also Shropshire). The Shropshire (Wrekin) CAMRA quarterly, at the time of our visits, gave a guide to landlords on how to get your pub into the beer guide, maybe they could add "get your pub reviewed by 'a swift one'"!

The Charlton Arms, Ludlow, also reviewed, is another new entry in the 2010 guide. I'm sure their local CAMRA branches were on the case already, but who knows for certain.

Congratulations to all the above.

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Tandleman said...

So CAMRA's not that daft then?