Friday, September 25, 2009

Who is The Menace?

Should you be lucky enough to come across Mallinsons' The Menace, which is a lovely light 3.6% with a refreshing hoppy flavour, take a close look at the pump clip. Just who is 'The Menance', and why does he look a little familiar? May be it's the start of another new Mallinsons range!

Talking of which their first beer from the new Rivers of the World series, 'Amazon' is sitting invitingly on the taunting pole in The Star, so should make an appearance over the weekend.

For those of us who have too much time on our hands, Abbeydale have again provided one of their humourous pump clips for their new offering 'Demon Drink'. Its well worth five minutes of anyone's time to read it, and the beer isn't bad either.


Anonymous said...

"May be it's the start of another new Mallinsons range!"
Let's hope not as you're bound to bloody feature!

Timbo said...

Thanks for your confidence !! Tim