Monday, September 21, 2009

A Tale of Two Festivals (Part 2)

As readers of the blog will have seen, there was a beer festival at The Navigation in Mirfield this weekend and on Saturday I managed to squeeze a couple of hours sampling across there. It was the Navvy's 5th festival and the 3rd this year - and they just seem to get better. There were 20 beers available to choose from (with 6 in reserve should the inevitable happen!) and they were primarily sourced from the South West and Norfolk. The list is shown in a previous post should you wish to take a look.

All the beer was cellar cooled and through handpumps, the majority in the pool room where a makeshift bar had been erected, and this was where I started - again hunting out the new breweries to me. I was surprised to find four here in comparison to just the two at Lytham, so my trip was not in vain. I sampled beers from Blackfriars in Great Yarmouth, Red Rock from Devon, Goddards from the Isle of Wight and Dartmoor, again from Devon. All in good fettle and all very different. In addition, the Crouch Vale 'Brewers Gold' was doing a roaring trade but being a beer I had come across often I ignored this in preference to the star of the show Yates (from the Isle of wight) 'Blonde Ale' - a 4.3% light hoppy beer with good hop character and plenty of citrus notes.

The festival attracted many locals, but some travelled from as far away as Hull and Manchester and Kevin, the licensee, deserves great credit for setting up the festival and sourcing many unusual beers - a good end to a successful weekend!

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