Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009

It's another new home for Huddersfield CAMRA's Oktoberfest this year. The Sikh Leisure Centre at Spring Grove has replaced the Irish Centre on Fitzwilliam Street to give festival goers a little more space. The former venue was great whilst ever the sun was shining and the terrace could be used, but rather a squeeze when not.

I feel a little sorry for The Sportsman as it would have benefited greatly from having the festival virtually next door, but it's loss is The Grove's gain and with plenty of rain forecast for the weekend, the shift may well prove to be a good call. (map)

Update: Just had a sneak preview of the beer list and there's plenty to keep us occupied. Locally we have contributions from Empire, Elland, Golcar, Brass Monkey, Mallinsons and The Nook with new offerings from most of them. It looks as if there are three festival specials from Tara (Mallinsons). There are many beers from the South of England, especially the South West with a sprinkling of new breweries such as Bow Horse, Golden Valley, North Curry and Waen. Seems like a splendid way to while away an hour or four!

To clear up any confusion the festival starts at 6pm on Thursday night, not at 6.30 pm as some believe. Tim

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