Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mallinsons Branch Out

I heard a couple of months ago from the Mallinsons girls that they intended to start producing bottled beer to go with their not inconsiderable output of cask beers, and last night was informed that this intention has indeed come to fruition. At the moment they are merely testing the water to see how the mechanics of the project will work out, so the beers are not on general release, but apparently initial signs are favourable and they are looking to bottle more and iron out their initial teething problems. The first beer in a bottle has been 'Leg Before' and will apparently be followed by 'Corinthian Temple' and 'Emley Moor Mild'.

As yet I have no no tasting notes for the beers but if their bottled beers taste as good as their cask stuff then we will be in for a real treat. Who needs Brewdog? I have also heard that Rob from the Rat, who won the hop competition at the last Star beer festival has been invited to brew a beer with them in the near future. It should be named after his son, 'Xavier' and knowing Rob's love of hops should be a beer to look forward to, with plenty of flavour. Good luck to him.

There has been no slowing down of new beers from the brewery either and they are turning up far and wide. A deal with Mitchells to supply 'First Gold' should get the beer to places never previously reached, and those delivered direct are still regularly found at The Star, The Sportsman, occasionally in the Rat locally, and the Harlequin in Sheffield and the New Oxford in Salford, should you fancy a trip out. The tickers amongst us can find their dry hopped specials regularly at festivals and in the last couple of weeks have been at the Jubilee Refreshment Rooms in Sowerby Bridge and the Reindeer at Wakefield, along with the Sportsman in Town.

Tara and Elaine can be proud of their success, and are obviously not prepared to rest on their laurels.A special word of thanks should go to Elaine's dad as well. He is a modern day Heath Robinson, putting all his engineering expertise into making equipment for the brewery to overcome those little irritating problems and make the process much easier. In these gloomy days this is a local success story, long may it continue.