Thursday, September 03, 2009

Lions Beer Festival

Only the one local festival on our calendar this weekend so, in stark contrast to the Bank Holiday pile-up, your decision making is reduced to a simple 'go/don't go' to Sally Nook.

Unfortunately no details of the beers are available but this may well change in the next twenty-four hours if Timbo gets his well worn deerstalker on!

Live entertainment Friday & Saturday night.
Food available.
Friday 4th September
7pm to 11pm. £5.00 Entrance
Saturday 5th September
1pm to 6pm £3.50 Entrance
7pm 11pm £5.00 Entrance

All entrance fees include a commemorative glass
plus free drink.

The Function Room, Huddersfield YMCA
New Hey Road, Salendine Nook, Huddersfield
Tel: 01484 461090 / 654052 (map)

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Dave C said...

The Bluflies are playing on the Friday evening, a brilliant blues/rock threesome from York with Gibson award winner Miles Gilderdale (Acoustic Alchemy) on lead guitar and vocals.

I've been following these guys for years and they played at my 30th birthday party years back....fantastic