Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's Quiz Time

After a throw away comment in the pub this weekend, I started thinking about all the old breweries that have stopped brewing but whose names still linger on. Their beers are now brewed by other breweries under contract but retain the names just to keep the brand alive. In some cases I am not sure its worth the effort, but I suppose they know best.

Here is a small selection to test your grey matter. See if you can work out who is now responsible for brewing the beers we drank a few years ago. I'll bet some surprise you.

1. Gales HSB
2. Flowers
3. Stones
4. Mansfield
5. Burtonwood
6. M&B Brew XI
7. Boddingtons
8. Courage Directors
9. Draught Bass
10. Ansells Mild

The answers will be on the comments to save you pulling your hair out !!...or they will be when the comments section works again !


Timbo said...

1.Fullers of Chiswick
2.Hall and Woodhouse of Dorset for Inbev
3. Everards, Leicester for Coors
4. Banks, Wolverhampton for Marstons
5. as 4
6. Brains, Cardiff for Coors
7. Hydes, Manchester
8. Wells and Young, Bedford
9. Marstons, Burton for Inbev
10. Thwaites, Blackburn for Inbev

Tandleman said...

All fine I think except 5 which is brewed no more.

Tyson said...

I didn't know Ansells Mild was still going and brewed by Thwaites-must be keg only, surely?