Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Beer Guide 2010

A quick glance through the latest edition of Britain's best-selling pub guide reveals that not a lot has changed locally. Both Huddersfield and Dewsbury are 'as you were' for another year and only the Beaumont Arms at Netherton and the return of the Old Colonial Club in Mirfield are additions this time. The Swan at Liversedge is the one pub from last year that appears to have fallen out of favour.

County-wide there are four brewery additions, boosting West Yorkshire's total to a table-topping thirty-four - although it does report that brewing at Rodhams in Otley has been suspended. The newbies include the well respected Brass Monkey outfit in Sowerby Bridge and the excellent Ilkley whose beers have been a real revelation this past couple of months (grab some at the Rat this weekend).

More generally the new guide is it's usual mine of information with everything from the barley field to the bar including a useful introduction to beer styles for the uninitiated. On a more sober note, much of the forward is given over to the plight of many of Britain's finest public houses and how it's down to you to make a difference. It seems the old CAMRA adage 'Use it or Lose it' has never been more poignant.

The 2010 Good Beer Guide is published by CAMRA and is available for £15.99 or £10 to members.


TIW said...

I heard a rumour that Copper Dragon were struggling, which would be a shame. Have you heard anything?

Will said...

Been hearing this for a while now but understood they'd had some short-term backing to help them through a difficult time. Guess it must stem from the expensive new brewery they installed last year.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that read in west yorkshire alone there are four new breweries, instead of country wide?

Will said...