Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A bit more on the cost of beer

Readers of the blog will be aware of the furore over my comments on the price of a certain beer in a certain local pub. Today, I hope to redress the balance and give credit where it's due.

Over the weekend I have been around and about catching what festivals I could. I managed the Mallinsons festival at the Sportsman, and sampled their vanilla and honey specials, (someone had drunk all the Sportsman Special, thanks Will and Tim!!!) and was impressed to see that neither cost more than £2.30 a pint.

I then progressed to the Lockwood festival. Not a bad range of beers for a first attempt and all priced at £2.30 a pint. I spoke to the staff at both and they appear to have been successful, so good luck to them both and I await the next ones with interest - just hope they do not fall on the same days next time.

Monday was a trip out and another visit to Liverpool and the Baltic Fleet where another festival was taking place. Stan the brewer had provided around 30 beers over the weekend, some on the bar and some on stillage. Many were old favourites but there were some gems made with nettles and many sorts of fruit. I had missed my favourite though, the Orange and Black Pepper.

The real eye opener was the price. All the beer on the bar was £2.00 a pint but those on stillage came in at a massive £1.00 for a pint! Considering one was 5.5%, and in these recession hit times too, I think the residents of Liverpool were in for a bargain bank holiday. The amount of people in the pub seemed to confirm this. I realise that the Baltic has its own brewery and will be free of pubco ties but it does show that beer can be good and reasonably priced. Long may it continue.
photos of The Lockwood & Baltic Fleet from beerintheevening.com

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Darren said...

I've just had a week in Wales, half in Cardiff and half in Brecon, and the most I got charged for a pint was £2.80, with some at £2 and one pint of Felinfoel at £1.49 in Cardiff city centre. Back home at the Star, near Penzance, the brewpub's house bitter is £2.30 and 4% golden session bitter £2.40. It is a freehouse, of course, and a lot of inflated prices, in my experience, are down to high rents rather than the greed of publicans.