Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Festival Weekend? This Must Be Huddersfield!

All the action moves back to the town centre this weekend with the Rat & Ratchet and The Sportsman your festival hosts. The fourth annual beer, cider & perry fest at the Rat promises to be it's best yet and having gotten a sneaky look at the list last week I can't argue. With plenty on offer for both seasoned ticker and casual fan we are set for a busy weekend though landlord Sam Birkhead has made sure there's plenty of ale in reserve should the two bars get chugged dry!

Across town at The Sportsman, Sam Smith is organising her part of the Cider Rail Trail that also takes in the Cellar Bar at Batley and Dewsbury's West Riding Refreshment Rooms.

Hopefully the momentum generated by the success of the Mallinsons festival a fortnight ago can be maintained, and the increased drinking traffic in town for the Rat's 'do' is sure to be beneficial - as is the promise of a succulent hog roast!

Click on the fliers for the big picture...
...and happy swilling!

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