Monday, August 03, 2009

Star at Food & Drink Fest

The Star Inn, 'Huddersfield Pub of the Year 2009' enhances this years Food & Drink Festival with a fabulous selection of local real ales, a variety of wines for you to try & some tasty comfort food to wash it down with... - so say the programme notes.

Not sure about washing ale down with food(?) but hey, enough twaddle gets written here so what the hell! Hopefully plenty of Mallinsons, Empire, Golcar, Summer Wine & Brass Monkey will be available to sample in the streets around the all new St. Georges Square - which actually looks close to being finished at last!!!

Also present as usual will be Elland Brewery, serving up their fine collection of wonderfully bitter bitters. The festival kicks off at 10am Thursday 13th August and goes on until the Sunday teatime. Full details of all the exhibitors and entertainments can be found at the festival website.

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