Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mallinsons Festival at The Sportsman

The eagerly anticipated inaugural beer festival at The Sportsman in Huddersfield is a little over a week away and we have just received this copy of the list.

As previously reported, all ten festival beers are being provided by local brewer Mallinsons and will be available over the Bank Holiday weekend - Saturday 29th to Monday 31st August - while stocks last! A separate festival bar will be set up allowing the pub to continue serving it's usual splendid range of largely Yorkshire ales.

(please click on the list for the big picture)


Tandleman said...

Bloody Hell and there's me in Bamberg when it's on! Almost "Damn!"

ArcticFox said...

disappointing for me, in that, a three day beer "festival" had only two beers left on the second day!! Good for the sportsman to sell it all but not so good for those that made the effort to get there to support them and partake in some special beers..... for the record, the two beers that were still on (on Sunday) were the vanilla mild (I never drink vanilla beers - it's too much like ice cream flavour for me to enjoy it as a beer) and Emley Moor mild which I've drunk at the food and drink festival and the drop inn festival.