Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Commercial Success (hopefully)

About a month ago, the doors opened again at The Commercial in Slaithwaite, now under the ownership of Jonny Holmes from the nearby Swan at Crimble. Knowing the Swan, I had high expectations for the Commercial and after three visits already, I obviously like it!

It is a large open pub, with three distinct drinking areas, nicely done out with some wallpaper you'll either love or hate. The seating areas are comfortable and some paintings of local scenes provide a talking point.

The pub sells wine from an extensive list and coffee for those who do not want to sample the eight beers available on the bar. On my visits the beers have changed frequently but there is always 'Commerciale' from Empire available plus a dark beer along with other offerings from far and wide - though to Jonny's credit, on the first week at least, everything was locally sourced. None are over priced and the house beer is actually less than £2 a pint - beat that!

Lager drinkers are catered for with Becks and Staropramen (no plastic Carlsberg here) and should you crave smoothflow, then there's Boddingtons too. Food comes in the form of bagels and baguettes supplied by the local firm Ashbys and are available from a menu quite unique to the pub - cheese and olives are also served.

Having spoken to Jonny, his intention is not to duplicate beers at other pubs in the village, so his range here is quite different from that at the Swan, and because the Wharfeside just up the road specialises in Copper Dragon, this will not feature here either. All the better for the itinerant drinker then.

The pub is easily accessible by train or bus from Huddersfield, and by promoting the pubs proximity to the rail station it is hoped to add Slaithwaite to the Trans Pennine RailAle tour alongside Marsden. If you get chance, the pub is well worth a trip and indeed it may be a good spot to start or finish a walk in the Colne Valley, being open all day. (map)

More pictures to follow.

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