Monday, August 03, 2009

BrewDog at The Grove

This week has seen the arrival of something new at The Grove in Huddersfield. We are all aware of pubs that have dedicated pumps, say for milds or light and dark beers, adding interest and offering the drinker more variety - but The Grove has taken this a step further.

The pump which has previously been home to the chocolate stout has just been replaced by one now solely devoted to the Scottish brewer BrewDog. The cult brewery is not a stranger to the town, and has been seen in the Star and the Grove on many occasions, but this will be the first time in Huddersfield as a permanent.

The first beer to come and go (in record time!) was 'Trashy Blonde', a typical ale from the Fraserburgh outfit using lots of hops in true BrewDog style. Rumour has it that there are at least four more in the cellar at the moment to test the viability of a single brewery pump. Hopefully, the idea will take off and others will follow.

If you have never sampled these beers before and wondered what all the fuss was about then now's the time to call in and give them a try. It will not be to all tastes but will give the discerning drinkers of the town chance to get to grips with one of the breweries at the forefront of the hop revival in Scotland. Good luck to the pub in this venture - I know for a fact there'll be one or two around here spending a lot more time in The Grove from now on!

Update: Two BrewDogs featured on the bar yesterday, the stunning 77 Lager at 4.9% and Storm at 8%, a pale beer that must have come into contact with a peaty malt whisky at some point - very unusual!


Paul Garrard said...

I've had so few pints of Brewdog, sadly, but they have always been wonderful

haddonsman said...

Made my first trip to the Grove a few weeks ago and was madly impressed. Any pun with Jaipur as a regular is good enough for me, all the other beers were great, De Molen on cask was superb.

Now there's Brewdog!! It'll be well worth my two hour round trip from Derby to get there at least once a month.