Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Star Success

The 8th Star Summer festival opened its doors for business last night and the beer hunters were treated to yet another array of wonderful ales from around the country in all sorts of styles and strengths to suit every taste.

There were the two Mallinsons previously mentioned on the blog, both dry hopped and both quite different - and even a competition to guess the dry hops used; a new Pictish which was a bit sweeter than their usual fayre; unusual breweries such as Wibblers, Box Steam and Mersea Island; and festival specials from Coach House, Goose Eye and Brew Co, to name but three. With 46 beers on offer in the outside marquee there was plenty to choose from and every beer I tasted was on top form, all served through handpumps and cellar cooled, a real credit to Sam and Gary who set it all up.

Reading the tasting notes there are some real treats in store for the next few days. Beers with elderflower, ginger and honey rubbing shoulders with the more usual bitters and stouts. The pale hoppy beers seem to be to the fore this time, with many from different breweries being showcased, but for the lover of something unusual then why not try the Vanilla Porter, the Plum or if you are feeling very adventurous the 'Grasshopper' from Oakleaf. This was one of the most distinctive beers I have ever drunk being made with chilli and lemongrass, and it does not skimp on the chilli !! I can still taste it today.

As ever, it is a must visit festival for the casual beer drinker or the beer enthusiast, and even on its opening night attracted guests from as far afield as Cambridgeshire, Tyne & Wear, and Staffordshire - just showing in how much esteem The Star festival is held. Thanks again to Sam for providing us with another gem. (map)

Doors open again this afternoon at 5pm then all day Fri-Sun.


Anonymous said...

Once more a great fest. Well done to Sam and the team. Tara

Timbo said...

just in case people out there are losing sleep over the dry hops used in Catalyst and Byrne Out..they were Mount Hood and Liberty respectively...thanks again to Sam and Tara for giving Pete and I chance to try out this small experiment at the festival..think it worked..we got lots of positive feedback.
Catalyst was the first beer to run off,a credit to Tara ....Tim

Lee said...

Another excellent beer fest at The Star - well done again Sam... Superb selection of food too :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your kind comments. It is lovely to get feedback when such alot of hard work goes into organising a festival not only myself but everyone who supports me and works during the festival. An extra special thank you to each and everyone of you who attend because without all of you the hard work would be pointless. Good luck Lee with yours hopefully I will be able to call up this weekend.
Sam x