Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a Lot of Hops You've Got!

Readers of the blog know of our love of hops and hop variety. They will also be aware of our desire to showcase the best breweries around. One of those that delivers on both counts is the Pictish Brewery.

Richard Sutton, formerly a brewer at Firkin, (there's a blast from the past!), set up the brewery in 2000 in Rochdale. Why call it Pictish ? Don't quote me but I think his brewing kit came from a Firkin brewery in Dundee, hence the Scottish connection.

Since starting brewing Pictish have won many awards for their many and varied beers. Locally, we often come across 'Brewers Gold', a regular at The Star and often found in the Rat. The Star also takes many Pictish specials.

I had a quick look at the Pictish web site, and along with their regulars, seasonals, and monthly specials there is also a section of single hop variety beers. I will not bore you with the whole list but Richard is obviously a hop fanatic and not afraid to try something different.

The list goes from A for Amarillo to V for Vanguard and fits in many of the letters in between. From Bobek in Eastern Europe, to Mount Hood in North America, from the rare hedgerow hop Susan to the New Zealand Riwaka, they are all there. Just take a look at the list and marvel at the names of hops you have never heard of, and be jealous of those fortunate enough to have sampled them.

Here is a brewery that is not afraid to try something unusual, just a shame that they are not more widely available in West Yorkshire. May be the Lancastrians have got one up on us Yorkshiremen this time.

PS Should you ever be in Stockport, the superb Crown does have Pictish beer usually available. It almost worth the trip just for that !!


Tandleman said...

Not always that available here either, but usually a treat when you find it.

I think our CAMRA Branch is overdue a visit!

Anonymous said...

For those interested in pub related trivia (or lunacy !!). Tizzi, the Star cat, recently had 3 kittens, we have one which has been named Pictish, in deference to the brewery, and another is called Malley, after Mallinsons. Seemed logical at the time !! Tim

Max said...

Nearly always 2 Pictish beers on at the Crown in Bacup. Excellent!