Thursday, June 04, 2009

Taking the P**s

As readers of 'A Swift One' know, we are always ready to support local pubs, local breweries, and on this occasion, local industry. Bear with me, it will make sense !

On my usual Monday trip to the Grove I was greeted, not only with an array of beers, but also with lots of crashing, banging and drilling, and the strange site of a man walking through the pub pushing a wheel barrow. It was explained that the gents were out of action and being replaced, and we should use the ladies,and very nice they were too.

The problem, according to Ian, the licensee, was that the old toilets had become damp, (I thought this was a natural state for toilets !) and smelly and during the evening the smell began to infiltrate the pub making it unpleasant for customers.

The long single porcelain urinal was being replaced by state of the art single urinals, created by 'Elemental Solutions' and supplied by the Golcar based Green Building Store, going by the name of 'Airflow'(c). They use less water, and use air to make the urinals smell free. The full technical spec, if you are interested is on the Green Building website. The whole system is eco-friendly, as one would expect from the Green Building Store.

All I can say is that the difference is very noticeable and makes a far more pleasant environment to visit, if only for the short time that you need them. I don't think that the gents at the Grove will become the tourist attraction that those at the Philharmonic in Liverpool are, but Ian has certainly improved the state of the pub with a simple change. Let's just hope that some other pubs follow his lead.

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