Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Shropsire Ramble (part 2)

Hobson's (the) Choice.

With visibility on Clee Hill almost zero due to fog, we set off instead for the nearby, delightfully named, town of Cleobury Mortimer, home of Hobson's Brewery, and it's brewery tap, the Kings Arms.

The town straddles the main Ludlow/Kidderminster road for about 2 miles, which makes for quite a busy little place, even so 2 of the 8 pubs here have closed recently, but The Kings Arms is thriving, opening at 10am for breakfast, with lunch from midday. Divided into bistro, restaurant and bar areas around a central bar dispensing 5 Hobson's beers, including the relatively new "Twisted Spire", light hoppy 3.6%, celebrating the parish church opposite.

Beer and food were excellent, and as the weather was improving we headed back to Clee Hill.

Peregrines, Pigeons and Quoits.

Fancying a pint before any walking we dropped into the unusually named Kremlin Inn. The Craven Arms until the mid 1980's, the pub had been known as the Kremlin for some years due to the jukebox picking up Radio Moscow (so I am told), at 1,400 feet above sea level there is no high ground to the east until you reach the Urals.

Good food and local ales from Hobson's, Ludlow and Salopian were on offer.

Peregrine Falcons can be observed at a nearby disused quarry, a source of anguish for the local pigeons fanciers who meet here. The pub also boasts two quoits teams, a simple but deceptively skillful bar game. As the weather was turning against walking, this was a great way to while away a couple of hours, drinking great ale and attempting to play a game I don't think I have ever seen before. We would love to have stayed for the evening to see how decent players managed after a few pints, but buses tend to finish early round here.

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