Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Saltaire Raided

Last night, thieves broke in to Saltaire Brewery and stole a large quantity of casks and bottles of beer.

It is thought that they may have been stolen in order to offer to pubs or festivals. The casks are so far the only "Bavarian Gold" to have left the brewery, so please be aware and pass this information on to licensees and festival organisers who you think might be approached. The identity of the beer may of course have been disguised.

Over 70 casks were taken, all full of Bavarian Gold, from a locked, refrigerated compound. Empty casks, all accessible, were not taken, so it seems the thieves were not after scrap metal.The casks were rented, metal casks, with the "e-cask" name on the side, with two bright orange hoops painted on. Three pallets of bottled Saltaire Goldings and three pallets of Cascade, all 500ml, were also taken.

Please circulate this information as widely as possible.