Saturday, June 20, 2009

Navigation Festival

This weekend the Navigation at Mirfield is hosting its annual summer beer festival. In addition to the usual 5 beers on the bar, mainly from Theakstons, but including the rarely found 'Old Peculier', there are another 22 from around the country. They are mainly from the larger breweries, with Marstons, Brains, and Batemans represented. There are a couple from Cornwall and three from Scotland.

On my visit I sampled, Harviestoun 'Natural Blonde', the tasting notes say it was brewed with lager and wheat malts and was a most refreshing drink. The same applied to Hop Back 'Taiphoon' which had hints of coriander and lemon grass, and Roosters 'Elderflower', which obviously tasted of elderflower. These were supplemented by Sharp's 'Honey Spice' with its sweet and spicy aftertaste. If you include the Caledonian 'Top Banana' and Youngs 'Waggledance' (a honey beer), one could have a session on unusual tasting beers. The locals were raving about the TSA 'Lomond Gold' but time caught me out and I never had chance to sample it.

The beers are all served through handpumps but not all appeared cellar cooled, but were competitively priced at £2.20 a pint. If you are in the area its well worth a call, or if not Mirfield is well served by trains and the station is a couple of minutes walk away.

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Leigh said...

Young's Waggledance is well worth seeking out on tap.