Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Mallinsons to Delight

It will come as no surprise to readers of the blog that I have a soft spot for beers from Mallinsons brewery in Huddersfield, and again they have produced a superb beer, this being the second in their single hop variety series.

I managed to track down 'Nelson Sauvin' (a 3.7% light and hoppy offering) at The Star last night. Well track down is a bit of an overstatement - Sam actually had it pulled and sat on the bar awaiting my arrival!! It did not disappoint. Full of flavour but without the full on aggressive bitterness that this New Zealand hop sometimes brings to beer, and at its weaker strength, very quaffable.

The Nelson follows 'Amarillo' in the series and will, I believe, make way for 'Cascade', which both showcase what American hops have to offer. Looking behind the bar at the Star, there is 'Druids Temple' due this week too, so for lovers of Mallinsons beers, it looks like being a good few days.


Leigh said...

big fan of single varietal beers - i'm a bit of a hophead, and i think it's a good showcase for the breweries' talents to let the hops do thier thing in a (usually pale) ale. I would do it, too, if I owned a micro. Cascade remains by all-time fave, though!! Hopefully i'll be able to find this stuff.

Tandleman said...

Well I hope you find it and that I do too Leigh.

Tyson said...

Just has the Nelson Sauvin at the Bhurtpore Inn-excellent beer.