Thursday, June 18, 2009

Green Loss

Since the departure of landlord Andy Henstock to York, quality at the Green Cross in Moldgreen has gone into free fall. Even my Friday night fish 'n' chips would have turned their nose up at the Eastwoods I was served there last week.

Meanwhile at Andy's new pub, the Bay Horse on Marygate in York, a Yorkshire Day beer festival has been announced with 30 plus ales available. August 1st is a Saturday too and with plenty of direct trains running from town there's no excuse for not getting over there and begging him to come back!


Timbo said...

I quite agree with Will. On my last visit, a couple of weeks ago, the pub lacked atmosphere, and customers and the quality of my Elland brewery beer left a lot to be desired. A shame that a pub with such potential has managed to decline so rapidly.

Anonymous said...

The rumour I have heard on the grapevine is that the Green Cross is going to close in the next week. Its a shame as the pub was great when Andy had it - its a shame it's been allowed to fall into decline in such a short space of time.

Anonymous said...

Both the examiner forum and the beer in the evening forum have comments that it is soon to reopen as a swingers club. I wonder if they'll still be serving Barnsley bitter and pork scratchings?