Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Star Receives Pub of the Year Award

Last night Huddersfield CAMRA awarded Sam Watt of The Star at Folly Hall their award for local pub of the year 2009.

The award was a well deserved accolade for Sam and her efforts in keeping the Star at the forefront of the local pub scene. The pub has no pretensions to being anything other than a well run, classic beer house. There is no music and no electronic machines.

That notwithstanding, it has a hard core of regulars who spend many a happy hour chatting across the bar and drinking the well kept real ale that Sam provides on ten hand pumps. Seven of these feature many and varied guest beers from around the country making it a must visit pub for 'beer tickers' as well as her thirsty regulars.

The enthusiastic drinkers come in even greater numbers for the thrice yearly beer festivals in the outside marquee where even more rare beers can be found and enjoyed. Up to press there have been over 4,500 guest beers sold in the pub alone which in any one's eyes is quiet an achievement for a small local pub.

With little residential property nearby the Star gets its regulars from far and wide and from a broad spectrum of society - bankers rubbing shoulders with librarians, train drivers with car salesmen, policemen with doctors - all walks of life are attracted by unwavering quality and value for money.

The credit for its success should go to Sam but without her dedicated team the pub would not be the place it is, and part of this honour should go to Jane and Chris, her trusty lieutenants, who can regularly be found behind the bar. So if you have never been then why not give it a try and see for yourself what makes the Star so successful. And having already bagged the 'Yorkshire Pub of the Year' award in recent times, the possibility of repeating that feat, or even going on to gain national acclaim, must be good. It would certainly be a worthy winner.

(There is a profile of the Star with photos on an entry in the blog from 18th March)


Anonymous said...

Well done Sam and all her pub and top beer.

Anonymous said...

A must visit pub. Every time I am in Huddersfield I make sure I go and am never disappointed. The range of beer is second to none and most of the guests are beers rarely found in the area, the pub itself is a gem and the locals friendly and knowledgable. Just wished I lived closer !!