Thursday, May 07, 2009

Return Of Some Old Favourites

At the Star at Folly Hall this week there are two breweries whose products are not often seen around these parts and which are both tried and tested old favourites. It's good to see them back - you forget just how much you miss them.

On the bar at present is one of my favourite beers, Adnams Bitter. Try it without the sparkler, it does bring all the flavours to the fore, described by the beer guide as a 'classic bitter..with a dry,lingering aftertaste'. I like it for the hint of saltiness in the beer (that's what comes of brewing near the coast) and the sharpness that it brings. When finished it will be followed by its bigger brother, Broadside sometime over the weekend. The guide mentions tastes of prunes, sultanas and pepper and though I can't say I've ever noticed them I will certainly give it a go. Also it's good to know that the beers all come from a redeveloped and energy efficient brewery, doing its bit for the environment.

Alongside the Adnams, come three beers from the Hawkshead brewery in the Lakes. At present the offering is Red, 'malty and spicy' with a deep red hue and a long aftertaste. This will be followed by the Bitter , which is a traditional ale as one would expect and the 'well balanced, fruity and hoppy' Lakeland Gold. Again, classic beers from a brewery that has only been going for less than 10 years. Incidentally if you are in the Lakes, call off at their brewery tap at Staveley, its worth the visit.


Anonymous said...

Need to buy a thesaurus, must be more than one way to say 'classic'...unless its a competetion to see how many times you can use the same word in one article !!!

Anonymous said...

For lovers of Adnams there is also the rarely seen 'MayDay' on the bar at the Grove at the moment. Tim

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong but should you not use only one exclamation mark?
The beers are described as 'classic bitters' and they certainly are both times in the article. Perhaps you should try some!