Friday, May 08, 2009

Fax Fests

Halifax is a good choice of destination this weekend with the local CAMRA festival vying with the award-winning Three Pigeons for your beer buck.

'The Pigs' is holding only it's second beer festival but unlike last year's Mild dominated affair this one will see ale in a full range of styles.

More details will hopefully appear here shortly - if not give them a ring (number on brewery website).

"I visited both festivals on Friday, cannot say I was really impressed by the Mayfest. The venue is good but the range of beers was not spectacular. There were many local breweries represented among the 60 or so beers available but not many unusual or rare beers to keep the enthusiast interested. If you wanted a good place to showcase what West Yorkshire has to offer, then this is worth the visit. Otherwise save your £3 entrance fee and spend it up the road at the 3 Pigeons.

The Pigeons has enough variety to keep the average drinker interested, with the beers on the main bar supplemented by 8 in a back room on a makeshift bar. As Will said a mixture of styles are on offer and all I tried were on good form. Again nothing to whet the appetite of the ticker but plenty to interest the passing drinker.

The other pub in the area, The Pump Room, is now back in the hands of its old manager, John, and has improved greatly since I last visited. The range is excellent and the quality likewise, and yesterday had 2 Halifax Steam beers on the bar, which are a rarity in the free trade. Another worth visiting if you are in the area." Tim


Philip said...

Any Allendale?

"Eddie Rowles" said...

I used to love visiting the Three Pigeons when Halifax still had a football league team - happy days!

Anonymous said...

don't know if anyone else managed to get there, but Golcar Lily Day gave us an open day at Golcar Brewery - very genial hosts provided vegetarian food.... one fifty a pint and a specially brewed "convallaria" bitter at 4% - a most pleasing experience - apart from the fact that the provided pin of Golcar Mild had run off by the time I arrived and the morris dancers were just packing up..... take that how you will.