Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Taste Experience (part 2)

As readers of the blog will have noticed that despite my love of the lighter hoppier beers, I will often go in search of the unusual, or in some cases, downright weird. This week was a case in point.

First of all was the Marble Ginger 6 in The Grove (which seemed to divide opinion) as blogged previously. I followed this with a trip to Greater Manchester, which provided CBC 'Blonde', which said on the clip it was brewed with pineapple (with a picture of a pine tree?!) though tasted of neither. Sharps 'Spring Mild' mentioned gorse in the brew but never having tasted gorse I could not be sure, though the beer was ok. These both appeared at the Crescent in Salford by the way. On the bar at the New Oxford in Salford (right) was an interesting Orkney called 'Clootie Dumpling' with cinnamon flavour - though not overpowering.

The highlight of the week was a trip to one of my favourite pub festivals, The Baltic Fleet in Liverpool (right). Here the list promised ten fruit beers from Wapping, all at 4.2%. They appeared to be from the same basic Summer Ale brew and during the afternoon my taste buds were assailed by beers purporting to be Lemon, Manadarin, Pineapple, Kiwi, Mango, and Grapefruit flavoured but to be perfectly honest none, apart from the Lemon, tasted of much at all. The star of the show did though, and it must be the most bizarre beer I have tasted in a while. The Orange and Black Pepper had good orange flavour but the black pepper gave it an interesting background taste and a very nice edge. All I need now is to taste the Skinners 'Ginger Tosser' at the Star and my week of the weird and wonderful will be complete.

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