Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sportsman Update

Huddersfield has another town centre real ale house to embrace with the opening this Friday (24th) of The Sportsman on the corner of Fitzwilliam Street and St Johns Road (map). As reported last month the pub will feature eight handpumps serving two Taylors, Golden Sheep (the new Black Sheep Brewery beer), a permanent local brewery line, one for stouts and porters and the remainder for rotating guests.

Ten keg beers will be available including fruit and wheat varieties and possibly both Budvars. That's a hell of a choice even for a town with a reputation like this one. All we need now is for Alistair to be a darling and ensure that we can still afford the bloody stuff!

Best wishes & good luck to everyone involved.

The Sportsman opened its doors at 6 pm on Friday, and from a special correspondent the beers on the bar at the time were Landlord and Mild, from Taylors, Golden Sheep from Black Sheep, Mallinsons Semi Centurion, Empire Valour, Summer Wine Furnace Gold, and Golcar Mild. Seems they have lived up to their promise of sourcing local beers. Its not often one sees a bar with no beer from outside Yorkshire.


Ten Inch Wheeler said...

God, I envy you. In our little corner of London even the 'decent' pubs would be considered mediocre by the standards of West Yorkshire. The roughest pub in the area is reopening (after a police raid which closed it) in September as a "Traditional pub with real ale" (it says here) - I'm crossing all my digits and limbs in the hope that it'll be any good.

Anonymous said...

Their new logo character looks like Stan Laurel! Thought he was a Batley lad?!

Festa said...

Has anybody had any Golden Sheep yet? - Any good?