Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Santiam Back Again

For lovers of the light hoppy beers produced by Pictish, their new single hopped variety, Santiam (4.1%) is an absolute classic. So classic in fact that the barrel at the Star lasted just over four hours.

In case some may have missed it, Sam has managed to acquire another barrel. Not sure when it will be on but if you see it, it is well worth a pint or two...or three! This American hop variety with it's unique flavour produces a long finish here and has resulted in one of the better Pictish brews currently available (and that is high praise for a new beer).

PS I know it was on at the Rat as well, but some people drank it all so I never got chance to try it !!!


Anonymous said...

Are you going to drink all that one too!! ;o)

Will said...

'Twas on again at the Star last night and very good too. Ossett's version (their best beer IMO) is also currently doing the rounds and can be found at the White Horse in Emley at the moment.