Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mallinsons Does It Again

After being tantalised by the pump clip behind the bar at The Star all week, Mallinsons 'Let There be Hops' finally made it to the bar at 6pm on Saturday. The wait was well worth it. A 5.3% beer, that does what it says on the clip. A light, massively hopped beer, full of intense Nelson Sauvin flavour and very very moreish. It is rare to see a beer of this strength gain such universal approval, but it managed it. No one I spoke to had anything other than praise for it.

It was first spotted at the Harlequin festival in Sheffield a couple of weeks ago, Dave 'Unpronounceable's' 30th birthday bash. He helped Tara brew it and suggested the strength and the hops used I believe - his is the face on the pump clip. There was another version especially for the festival, 'Let There Be More Hops' which, judging by the amount of hops in the original version, must have been one of the hoppiest beers of the year.

As I have said before, Mallinsons just go from strength to strength as a brewery and Tara can successfully turn her hand to all sorts of beer. Her latest offering is another mild, 'Marina Mild' which will be a totally different beast to the previous one and no doubt equally as good. If you have not tried a Mallinson's beer yet, what are you waiting for ?


Tandleman said...

I feel a trip to Huddersfield coming on!

Leigh said...

I agree, and nice to see Nelson Sauvin hops being used. They are underrated as a hop, i think, and not used anywhere near enough in beers these days.

Anonymous said...

Well what can I say the girls have done it again. A fantastic mild on our bar at the moment 'Marina Mild' very very drinkable probably wont be on very long. So yet again congratulations Tara & Elaine.
Sam @ The Star

Anonymous said...

Was fortunate enough to sample the odd pint, or four of the Marina Mild yesterday and it was a superb beer, well worth searching out. And hopefully widely available during May, the Mild month. Tim

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim for your kind words once more. It was mainly Dave's recipe to be honest, my main job was reigning him back on the amount of hops he wanted to put in ! Glad people have enjoyed it, it went off on SUnday night, but the new pub in town, the Sportsman has some in their lovely big cellar! Tara

daveyravey said...

Come to Huddersfield this weekend, Tandleman! Huddersfield's first and original Mild and Cider festival at the Rat!
You never know, Mallinsons may have thir mild on there.