Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Ginger Disappointment

After a long wait, Marble Ginger 6 finally appeared on the bar at the Grove. I had high hopes of the beer, mostly based on the success of Marble Ginger and the other wonderful beers in the Marble range.

Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectation. Of course, there was ginger there, but not the fresh mouth tingling ginger of the Marble Ginger. This was overwhelmed in my opinion by a vinous background, that seemed to mask any other flavours, and gave it a feel of pure alcohol. It was 6% admittedly but for a beer of that strength I expected something more....truth be told, it was one of the few Marble beers which has not 'wowed' me.

I have only had it once, and never at the Marble Arch. I may have got the end, or the start of the barrel or I may have just caught a bad batch at a bad time. But, sorry Marble, it did not impress.

As an aside, the lover of light hoppy beer should be well catered for at The Star this week. There are 2 new Mallinsons beers to come along with a couple of Goose Eye, including the superb Chinook, and rumour has it there should be a new Pictish in the pipe line too. Can hardly wait !!!


Anonymous said...

Thought this was great - much more of a beer than the alcho-pop version.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How I love ginger beers.....but how I dislike the Marble Ginger, for me it's just too "in your face" as they say. Having said that, Will had some Ginger 6 at The Grove last Sunday and I was quite impressed (for those who do not know me, I'm difficult to please). So Tim, I have to disagree...but I'm sure we'll live on to drink another pint. Michaela X

Timbo said...

As they say, everyone has thrie own tastes. All I said was Ginger 6 wasn't for me, I am sure that it was to other people's taste, as Micheala so rightly says. Tim