Thursday, April 23, 2009

Foley Fest

Mr. Foley's in Leeds is holding a mini-fest in May (Thurs. 7th - Tues. 12th). Entitled " A-Z of New Northern Micro Brewers" it will be featuring "over 25 cask ales" - 26 probably then...

There will be no special festival bar, beer will appear as others run off.

A meet the brewer evening has been arranged for 7pm on Monday 11th May, featuring Huddersfield brewster Tara Mallinson.

OK, A is for Anglo-Dutch etc., anyone out there (without reference books) give me a Z (or an X).


Timbo said...

Try Zero Degrees, if they have some of their beer I will be first in the queue for the festival!! Cannot think of a X brewery though

Leigh said...

I've just put ther beer list up over at TGS - pop over for a Anglo-Dutch, i'm afraid!!

Anonymous said...

Well Tim good job you were not a Geography teacher! Zero Degrees is in Blackheath London! Certainly not a new Northern brewery. Get your thinking cap on and try again.
I will try and get some for you though x Sam